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Week 3 NFL Predictions

It’s week 3 in the NFL and that means it’s time to make some picks and take a look back at last week. Congrats to the LMoH who went 11-3-1, while I displayed my knack for picking losers with a 6-8-1 record. I’m looking for redemption this week so let’s get to it.

Note: I'm shocked that we haven't had any reader participation in our picks. Give it a shot, you've got nothing to lose, and we'll put your name up on the blog in the weekly standings.

Kansas City at Atlanta (ATL -3.5)
Mummer: Atlanta
Atlanta got a win against a bad Detroit team. I look for them to do the same here.

Little Mime of Hate: Atlanta
Hmmm...Bobby Thigpen, former MLB record holder, or Matt Ryan? I'll take Ryan.

Oakland at Buffalo (BUF -7.5)
Mummer: Buffalo
I’ll drink the juice.

LMoH: Buffalo
Excuse me waiter, my friend will have some more man juice please. Though 7.5 is a lot of points in this battle of NFL juggernauts, I too will take the Bills.

Tampa Bay at Chicago (CHI -3)
Mummer: Tampa Bay
To be honest, I don’t know who to pick in this game. Neither team has a quality win and has losses against teams I’m not sold on. Let’s say Tampa because I think Griese is a better QB than Orton.

LMoH: Chicago
I am still on the Orton/Forte bandwagon. I might have a man crush on Kyle Orton. Though he is not an explosive QB, he does just enough not to cost you a game.

Carolina at Minnesota (EVEN)
Mummer: Minnesota
All Day has a sore hamstring. SHOCKER.
I still like Minnesota in spite of that.

LMOH: Carolina
I have no idea who to take in this one. Therefore, I turned to the scientific method. I can't increase my lead on the Mummer by making the same picks.

Miami at New England (NE -10.5)
Mummer: Miami
I hated Chad Henne in college because he played for the corn and blue up north. Now that he’s in Miami I love him. Smart QB, reminds me of Krenzel. With that being said, I think Pennington gets pulled and Henne keeps it close with NE.

LMOH: New England
"Corn and Blue", how witty. Have any Titanic jokes you want to mix in while you're at it? I still like the Pats. Especially in a division that features powerhouses like the Dolphins, Jets, and Bills. Like it or not, they still win that division.

Cincinnati at NY Giants (NYG -10.5)
Mummer: NY Giants
Cincinnati will get their first win on Sep. 28th.

LMOH: Giants
WOW! That's a nice little shot at your beloved Browns. Unfortunately, you may be right. I like the Giants in this one as well. By the way, it will be the 28th before Palmer gets his first passing touchdown as well. Do you think he is counting down the days until that contract is up?

Houston at Tennessee (TEN -3.5)
Mummer: Tennessee
Houston has no running game which isn’t good against a very good Tennessee defense.

LMOH: Houston
Slaton is going to shock a lot of people. Schaub is still a quality QB and he has some good receivers to throw too.

Arizona at Washington (WAS -1)
Mummer: Washington
I wish I had something funny to say here. We’re almost halfway through the blog post and it’s been a lackluster performance from yours truly.

LMOH: Arizona
Funny, I too had noticed this was a poor performance from you. I like the Card's in this one. Watch for Hightower and Fitzgerald to have big days.

Detroit at San Francisco (SF -2.5)
Mummer: San Francisco
Are we sure someone has to win this one?

LMOH: Detroit
If they are going to get to Kitna's 10 win mark, they have to beat teams like the Niner's.

St. Louis at Seattle (SEA -5)
Mummer: Seattle
Until the Rams prove they can run the ball effectively, they will continue to lose.

LMOH: Seattle
Who cares?

New Orleans at Denver (DEN -5.5)
Mummer: New Orleans
For all intents and purposes Denver lost that game last week, and Reggie Bush is playing really well. I look for him to do a Darren Sproles impression.

LMOH: Denver
Reggie who?

Pittsburgh at Philadelphia (EVEN)
Mummer: Philadelphia
Fuck Pittsburgh.

LMOH: Philadelphia
For different reasons than mentioned above. As good as Roethlisberger is playing, McNabb is playing even better. A healthy Westbrook and an over achieving receiving core makes this a big day for the Eagles.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis (IND -3.5)
Mummer: Indianapolis
Indy finally snapped out of it last week and Jacksonville is reeling from all the injuries to that OL.

LMOH: Jacksonville
Finally? They didn't even have a losing streak. I like the Colts to win this game. However, I don't think they win by four.

Cleveland at Baltimore (EVEN)
Mummer: Cleveland
If Cleveland is down 2 TD’s in the third quarter, I expect to see Quinn slinging some pigskin.

LMOH: Cleveland
You may see Quinn slinging his junk on Sunday. That's about it.

Dallas at Green Bay (DAL -1.5)
Mummer: Dallas
Great test for Rodgers. I just don’t see him getting off like he has the last couple weeks.

LMOH: Green Bay
I still don't like Romo in big games. That doesn't mean I like Rodgers in big games, it just means that I know less about him in big games.


September 23, 2008 at 1:10 PM The Little Mime of Hate said...

You jackass! you left out the Monday night game.