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Week 2 NFL Predictions

We’re trying a different format for the predictions this week. I just didn’t like the look of it last week. My eyes were bleeding by the time I finished reviewing my week one picks. Without further ado, here are your week two picks.

Green Bay at Detroit (GNB -5.5)
Mummer: Green Bay
Rodgers looked real sharp against a good Minnesota team. I think Green Bay rolls by a large margin.

Little Mime of Hate: Green Bay
I too am on the Rodgers bandwagon.

Oakland at Kansas City (KC -3.5)
Mummer: Kansas City
I expect a big week for Larry Johnson. Although that doesn’t mean a lot since a big week for Larry Johnson is 100 yards rushing with one TD and no broken bones.

Little Mime of Hate: Oakland
I am going to take the Raiders here. I think KC wins by 3.

New York Giants at St. Louis (NYG -9)
Mummer: New York Giants
Did anyone happen to see the play where Steven Jackson got popped and lost his helmet? It looked like a shampoo commercial for Herbal “Snotbubble” Essences.

Little Mime of Hate: Giants
Missed that play. Though I don't feel too terribly bad for him.

Indianapolis at Minnesota (IND -3)
Mummer: Minnesota
I really don’t want to bet that the Colts will start the season 0-2, but I just don’t think they have any cohesiveness on the offensive side of the ball.
Fantasy Note: I’m terrified that Bob Sanders is going to end Adrian Peterson’s season this weekend.

Little Mime of Hate: Minnesota
Even Tavris Jackson looked pretty good last weekend.

Tennessee at Cincinnati (TEN -2)
Mummer: Cincinnati
What the hell is going on with Vince Young? His family thinks he’s suicidal and instead they find out he’s eating hot wings at a friends house? Too big of a distraction for Tennessee to win this one.

Little Mime of Hate: Tennessee
I still think the Titans find a way put this one away. Speaking of suicidal QB's, shouldn't Palmer be on that list? They would have found me swinging from the rafters this off-season if were in his shoes.

New Orleans at Washington (NO -3)
Mummer: New Orleans
I was way off on my prediction that Washington was going to have a good offense.

Little Mime of Hate: Washington
I think they might have a pretty good offense, but the Giants "D" is just that good.

Chicago at Carolina (CHI -1)
Mummer: Chicago
Carolina barely beat San Diego, whereas Chicago dominated the Colts.

Little Mime of Hate: Carolina
Delhomme may be the difference in this game.

Buffalo at Jacksonville (JAC -1.5)
Mummer: Jacksonville
It wouldn't surprise me if either one of these teams won this week. I just think Jacksonville has more talent.

Little Mime of Hate Buffalo
They looked real sharp last week. Big mo keeps them rolling.

San Francisco at Seattle (SEA -2.5)
Mummer: Seattle
Alex Smith has been placed on the injured reserve list with a broken shoulder. I didn’t know holding a clipboard was such strenuous work.

Little Mime of Hate: Seattle
The Niners are bad. Real bad.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay (TB -4.5)
Mummer: Tampa Bay
No way Atlanta gets off like that again. Matt Ryan got lucky the Lions defense wasn’t expecting him to launch one on the first pass of his career.

Little Mime of Hate: Atlanta
I am going to ride the rookie QB train. Plus, with the Tampa quarterback situation still up in the air, I like Atlanta to steal another. I just hope Matt Ryan doesn't get caught up in some elaborate insider trading scandal.

New England at New York Jets (EVEN)
Mummer: New York Jets
Wow. Last week New England was favored by 13 points, and this week they’re even. No way New England gets over the loss of Brady in time to win this game.

Little Mime of Hate: Pats
No way Billy loses to Farve with a week to prepare.

Miami at Arizona (ARI -4.5)
Mummer: Arizona
This game is the Mr. Irrelevant of NFL match ups this week.

Little Mime of Hate: Arizona
This is a last minute change for me. I think the Zona offense gets rolling this week.

Baltimore at Houston (BAL -1)
Mummer: Houston
Joe Flacco may have been good at home, but I think being chased by Mario Williams on the road will result in a loss.

Little Mime of Hate: Houston
I certainly agree with the above statement. I also think Houston wants to prove they are not as bad as week one would lead you to believe they are.

San Diego at Denver (SD -.5)
Mummer: San Diego
Denver torched a very bad Oakland defense. I’m not saying San Diego is all that much better without Merriman, but the offense bails them out of this one.

Little Mime of Hate: Denver
With Marshall back, the Bronco's offense just might be as high-powered an offense as the Chargers.

Pittsburgh at Cleveland (PIT -6)
Mummer: Cleveland
I hope Romeo Crennel was just looking past Dallas in anticipation of this game. This is a big one for the Brownies.

Little Mime of Hate: Steelers
I hate to pick against the Browns two weeks in a row. However, until they prove they can win a big game, I have to do it.

Philadelphia at Dallas (DAL -3)
Mummer: Dallas
The stage is set for Romo to march his team through the regular season and right into his first Superbowl ring.

Little Mime of Hate: Dallas
The stage is set for Romo to march his team through the regular season and right into another first round choke job. Look at the bright side though, we have found Peyton Manning's replacement.