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The Ohio State vs. USC

Admit it, deep down you’re worried the Buckeyes aren’t going to win on Saturday. I can admit it…when I’m alone, huddled in the corner of my closet with a blanket over me I see the Buckeye players on one knee looking up at the scoreboard with that defeated look. But when I'm out in public and someone wants to debate the finer points of why USC will win, my response is “You can’t stop the Buckeye defense”. Normally a good rebuttal, it's safe and has been the answer of choice since "You can't stop Troy Smith". That is unless the person you’re debating said topic with has watched the OU game from last week. But that's why I'm here. We’re going to break this down position by position and see what shakes out.

I’ll come out and say right now that I am not a fan of QB-by-committee. I think Tressel is screwing with Boeckman’s rhythm and it might cost us the game if he inserts Pryor at the wrong time. This situation brings back memories of 2005 when Tressel decided to play both Troy Smith and Justin Zwick against Texas. Neither one got into a rhythm and it showed. Even with all that though, Mark Sanchez is making his first start against a quality opponent. Yes he “torched” the Virginia defense two weeks ago, but do you really think Virginia’s defense is anywhere near Ohio State’s?
When it comes right down to it, Boeckman led this Ohio State squad to a National Championship last year. So he gets the edge in this battle.
Edge: Ohio State

Running Back
If Wells was healthy there wouldn’t even be a debate. Unfortunately, he’s not and is now listed as doubtful for the game Saturday. That leaves us with Maurice Wells and Daniel Herron who were adequate against Ohio last week. USC has four running backs that will likely all see time in some capacity. Each one has their strengths, much like the Ohio State running game. If you want speed, insert Player X. If you want power, insert Player Y. If the USC running game gets off to a good start against the Buckeye defense, it’s gonna be a long day.
Edge: USC

Wide Receiver

Between Small, Hartline, and Robiskie you’re not going to get a receiver that’s going to set the world on fire. What you’re going to get is three guys that play their position extremely well and can make plays when it counts. For the Trojans, they have two solid receivers in Vidal Hazelton and Damian Williams. I don’t know much about either of these guys except to say that Damian Williams is a transfer from Arkansas who had to sit out last season because of the transfer. As for Vidal, you could say that he is the Trojans version of Brian Hartline. The Buckeyes get the edge in this because of the chemistry with Boeckman and they know what it’s like to play in big games.
Edge: Ohio State

Offensive Line
Let’s not bore anyone with this. The Buckeyes didn’t lose anyone and the Trojans lost four starters. Yes the Buckeyes O-Line looked terrible last week, but I think that was a result of looking ahead too much.
Edge: Ohio State

I’m going to just look at defense as the whole package for this one. Trying to break down each position will ultimately prove futile since the defensive unit acts as one. That being said, I really feel both teams are pretty evenly matched. The linebackers cancel each other out, as do the D-Line’s. That just leaves the DB’s, of which the Buckeyes steal the show. If only for the simple fact that Malcolm Jenkins returned for his senior year, I’m giving this edge to the Buckeyes.
Edge: Ohio State

Yikes, Ohio State dominated almost every category. Maybe I’m a little biased, but in my defense I just don’t put a lot of stock into any of the games that either team has played up until now. Virginia is terrible. They lost their best defensive player, Chris Long, and their best Offensive player, Jameel Sewell, from last year. Did anyone expect them not to get stomped?
I’m not buying into USC as this huge power-house after they blew out a shitty team.
My prediction for this game, Ohio State Wins 27-24.


September 12, 2008 at 5:24 PM The Little Mime of Hate said...

Well let me get "The rebuttal" in. Giving the OSU the edge at QB is disgusting. You should know better. Boeckman is a huge pile of steaming poo and you know it. The guys is terrible. If he couldn't handle the Illini defense last season, he is in for a long day Saturday. The QB by committee puts an even bigger slant on this one.
Advantage: USC

While we in Big Ten Country don't know much about the USC receivers, we should know this. They are big and physical.
Advantage: push

I think the defenses are going to beat the hell out the opposing offenses. I will say this, USC's defense looked a hell of a lot better against a BCS conference school than OSU's did against a MAC school.
Advantage: USC - nearly a push.

This game is ultimately going to come down to coaching and the QB position. Tressel's decision (if it comes to fruition) to run both QB's out there will be futile. Regardless, Boeckman is terrible and every Buckeye supporter out there knows it. His decision making is horrible. While we know very little about Sanchez, I think it's safe to say that if he has a pulse he is a smarter QB than Boeckman.