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In A Perfect World, Maybe

In a perfect world the University of Michigan would have taken a better look at Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz. In a perfect world the Michigan players would have responded well to the coaching change and played out of their minds this season. In a perfect world Michigan wouldn’t have had 2 of its worst recruiting classes ever the last 2 seasons. In a perfect world Sam McGuffie would be closing in on an invitation to New York. In a perfect world this Michigan football team would be willing to play 4 quarters of football. In a perfect world Uncle Rico would be able to get his players to play 4 quarters of football. In a perfect world Uncle Rico would accept he doesn’t have the talent for the spread offense and wait to implement it. In a perfect world Michigan wouldn’t be ending it’s 33 year run of Bowl games. In a perfect world Uncle Rico wouldn’t have called Michigan State their biggest rival.

But alas, it is not a perfect world and as a result, I can’t even tell you who Michigan played today. It’s not because I have lost my faith in the program or am no longer a fan. It’s unwatchable. I’d rather watch a bad WNBA game. They are playing bad football and to cap it off, they are a poorly managed team. However, there is a bright spot. Maybe, just maybe, there is a reason Uncle Rico isn’t getting 4 quarters of football out of his team. They are only using half of their playbook. Maybe the Michigan State comment was an attempt to throw-off the Buckeyes. Maybe, he has a whole separate game plan. Maybe he has realized that in his first season he doesn’t have to go 11-1 to keep his job. He only has to go 1-11. If that one is Ohio State. The Mummer has heard me say it 100 times, I have no problem going 1-11 if they beat Ohio State. Of course I want National and Big Ten Championships. What I want even more is to see the Buckeye’s weep at the hands of the Maize and Blue. It would certainly appear that day will not come this year. In fact, this is the first season I can remember that I actually conceded the game to all of my Ohio State buddies. Maybe, just maybe Uncle Rico will make a liar of me.