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Week 9 NFL Predictions

We're trying out a new format for the picks this week. Instead of just doing picks we're going to submit our choices for Game of the Week, Irrelevant Game of the Week, and the Browns matchup. Doing a capsule for every game proved tedious and extremely boring. Hopefully this will be a welcome change.
As always, feel free to play along.

Game of the Week
Green Bay at Tennessee (TEN -2.5)
Mummer: Tennessee
I know they have to lose at some point, but I don't think it will be against a high profile team. See week 14.

LMoH: Titans
I really like Tennessee rightnow. Who doesn't? I was able to watch them for the first time last week/ Guess what? They are fun to watch. What bothers me is, how does a 7-0 have a starting QB that is not claimed in the majority of Fantasy Football Leagues. I like them again this week, however, I think the Bears have a great shot taking them down next week.

Irrelevant Game of the Week
Atlanta at Oakland (ATL -4.5)
Mummer: Atlanta
Jamarcus Russel has a full season on Matt Ryan, yet Ryan continues to perform at a higher level. It's nice to see that passing on Adrian Peterson is working out so well for them.

LMoH: Falcons
Come on now Mummer, that's a cheap shot. Passing on Peterson was absolutely the right thing to do. You don't draft a guy with that many injury problems number one overall. Hindsight always 20/20.

Hometown Game of the Week
Baltimore at Cleveland (EVEN)
Mummer: Cleveland
If you've been waiting for the perfect game to bet on this season, then Merry Christmas. Flacco threw two INT's against Cleveland earlier this year at Baltimore. With the weather in Cleveland forecast to be cold, and Cleveland's run defense stepping up, Baltimore will be looking to throw more. Bad news for a rookie QB. Bet the farm on Cleveland.

LMoH: Browns
I don't about betting the farm. The Ravens are a scrappy team. Having said that, if Sean Rogers can continue his tear, the Browns win easy.

New York Jets at Buffalo (BUF -3)
Mummer: New York Jets
LMoH: Bills

Detroit at Chicago (CHI -8.5)
Mummer: Detroit
LMoH: Bears

Jacksonville at Cincinnati (JAC -4.5)
Mummer: Jacksonville
LMoH: Jags

Tampa Bay at Kansas City (TB -6.5)
Mummer: Tampa Bay
LMoH: Bucs

Arizona at St. Louis (ARI -4)
Mummer: Arizona
LMoH: Cardinals

Houston at Minnesota (HOU -1)
Mummer: Minnesota
LMoH: Titans

Miami at Denver (DEN -1)
Mummer: Denver
LMoH: Miami

Dallas at New York Giants (NYG -8.5)
Mummer: Dallas
LMoH: Giants

Philadelphia at Seatle (PHI -5.5)
Mummer: Philadelphia
LMoH: Eagles

New England at Indianapolis (EVEN)
Mummer: Indianapolis
LMoH: Patriots

Pittsburgh at Washington (EVEN)
Mummer: Washington
LMoH: Redskins