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Week 11 NFL Predictions

The LMoH and I are both 0-0-1 after the Thursday night thriller. If you would have told me Thursday morning that Matt Cassel would have thrown for 400 yds and 3 TDs, I would have said "Who is Matt Cassel?".
Thank you, thank you, now on to the picks.

Game of the Week
Dallas at Washington (EVEN)
Mummer: Dallas
The return of Tony Romo. How will he perform? How does his hand feel? I don't know, but I'm sure Madden will tell us at least 50 times.

Little Mime of Hate: Redskins
I think the skins pull this off even without Portis. Expect a big game out of Tight End Chris Cooley. 

Irrelevant Game of the Week
St. Louis at San Francisco (SF -4)
Mummer: San Francisco
I'm moving my J.O. session* with Katie Morgan up if this is the only 4:00pm game being televised.

LMoH: Niners
What's the over under on spiking the ball references. It seems that will be the only point of interest in this game. 

Hometown Game of the Week
Cleveland at Buffalo (BUF -2.5)
Mummer: Cleveland
After starting the year 4-0, the Bills have lost four of their last five games. The Browns will have had 10 days to prepare. Anything less than a win should result in Romeo's pink slip.

LMoH: Bills
I am done picking the Browns for a while. They disgust me. Even a win should mean a pink slip. I don't recall ever watching such a poorly managed team. 

The Rest
Denver at Atlanta (ATL -2.5)
Mummer: Atlanta
LMoH: Falcons

Philadelphia at Cincinnati (PHI -7.5)
Mummer: Philadelphia
LMoH: Eagles

Chicago at Green Bay (EVEN)
Mummer: Green Bay
LMoH: Bears

Houston at Indianapolis (IND -9.5)
Mummer: Houston
LMoH: Texans

New Orleans at Kansas City (NO -5.5)
Mummer: New Orleans
LMoH: Chiefs

Oakland at Miami (MIA -8)
Mummer: Miami
LMoH: Dolphins

Baltimore at New York Giants (NYG -5.5)
Mummer:New York Giants
LMoH: Ravens

Minnesota at Tampa Bay (TB -1.5)
Mummer: Tampa Bay

Detroit at Carolina (CAR -12)
Mummer: Detroit
LMoH: Lions

Arizona at Seattle (ARI -5.5)
Mummer: Arizona
LMoH: Cardinals

Tennessee at Jacksonville (TEN -7)
Mummer: Jacksonville
LMoH: Titans

San Diego at Pittsburgh (PIT -4)
Mummer: San Diego
LMoH: Steelers

*J.O. aka Jerk Off