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Week 13 NFL Predictions (Thanksgiving Edition!)

It's Thanksgiving. Enjoy the holiday, enjoy the games.

Best Thursday Game
Arizona at Philadelphia (ARI -2.5)
Mummer: Arizona
I'm not sure why people are surprised that the Eagles are playing terrible football right now. They've been terrible all year. Their five wins are against the Rams, Steelers, 49ers, Falcons and Seahawks. Not to mention they TIED the CINCINNATI BENGALS! Even the Browns were able to manage a win against Cincinnati. Kurt Warner and the three-monster that is the Cardinals receivers are going to tear Philly up.

LMoH: Cardinals
As much as I like the Cards in this one, Philly scares me. Sooner or later they are going to get their shit together. In the meantime, here's an Arizona team that is out to prove they hang with NFC East. Even if it is the NFC East subdivision.

Worst Thursday Game
Seattle at Dallas (DAL -11)
Mummer: Seattle
I know Seattle has two wins on the season but they can definitely win this game. Hasselbeck has kept his team in the last two games (but also gave them away) so I see a win here.

LMoH: Seahawks
Very mixed on this one. I agree with the Mummer, but that Seahawks defense should be ashamed of themselves. I mean really, Holmgren should walk up to them with a rolled up newspaper, smack them on the nose and say "Bad!"

Mildly Interesting Thursday Game
Tennessee at Detroit (TEN -11.5)
Mummer: Tennessee
I'm gonna regret this pick on Friday.

LMoH: Titans