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I'm So Excited I Can't Stand Up!

This is the 2nd best week of the year. My apologies, but the 1st week of the NCAA tourney is still number one. In the span of 8 days College Football and the NFL will kick-off their regular seasons. I love it. There is nothing better in life than being a fan. I would even argue it’s better than sex. Hear me out on this one. Unless you are suffering from some sort of E.D., sex is never disappointing. We always achieve our goal. Your lady however, might feel differently. Anyway, as we all know, being a fan is much different. Look at the different paths Ohio State and Michigan travelled last year. For Michigan it was a championship or bust season. And they busted. In week one. To a high school team. Then again in week 2. Let’s be fair, to a very good football team. Ohio State on the other hand, backed their way into the National Championship. Let’s all be reasonable, last year’s team was not a championship caliber team. It was a good team, not a great team. To illustrate my point look at THE GAME. If Tressell doesn’t take the ball out of the hands of his 35 year old quarterback, Boeckman might very well have cost the Buckeye’s that game. Here’s where the Buckeye fans say “Michigan fans always have an excuse”. To that I say, kiss my grits. It’s not an excuse. Tressell, once again, out coached Carr. That was the difference in that game. Not Beanie Wells or any of the other skill position athletes. I might hear the argument that Vernon Gholstein was a difference maker. My point being, Michigan and Ohio State had the same expectations and disappointment last season, but at very different times. It’s what brings us back, even more excited for this season. Could Michigan one of the 4 Michigan quarterbacks and Head Coach Uncle Rico do just enough to sneak Michigan into the National Championship game like Tressell and Krenzel did in ’02? Probably not. But we’re fans. So of course it can happen. Not only can it happen, but until the Wolverines are mathematically out of the championship game, it WILL happen. Because we’re fans. Our expectations are ridiculous and our hearts will most definitely be split in two. Because we’re fans. A season without heart-ache, is a season you didn’t put enough in to.