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Random Thoughts and Musings (The SpaghettiOs Version)

Cliff "Cy" Lee
Cliff Lee is out of his mind right now. The guy just notched his 18th win of the season last night, which means he has accounted for just over 30% of the Tribe victories. To put that into perspective, CC Sabathia accounted for just under 20% of the Tribe's 96 victories last year. I'm not sure what all this means though. It was just something that came to me when I was making my SpaghettiOs.

Academy Award Shoo-In
While I was enjoying the aforementioned SpaghettiOs I happened to catch a commercial for the new movie "The Longshots". It stars Ice Cube as the coach of a Pop Warner football team who employs the help of a girl to win games. People tell me that it's based on a true story which I found to be shocking. I had no idea "Little Giants" was a true story.
Side note: The movie is directed by Fred Durst. Yes, that Fred Durst.

Derek Anderson has a Weak Brain
I've watched that play a few times now, and I'm fully convinced that if Osi Umenyiora tried to tackle Brady Quinn like that, Osi would have exploded on impact. Again, I'm not sure what that means, it just came to me when I was washing my SpaghettiOs bowl.

Bolt of Juice
When this thought popped into my head I was not doing any SpaghettiO related activities. I just want to know why no one is pointing out the possibilty that Usain Bolt is juicing. What he is doing to these track records is incredible. In fact, incredible doesn't even begin to describe it. He broke the world record in the 100M in spite of the fact that he began celebrating before he even crossed the finish line. Then, as an encore he breaks the 200M record set by Michael Johnson in 1996. Yes, I know records are meant to be broken, but that 200M record was one that no one ever thought would fall. To again put something in perspective, let's say the fastest football player who can run a 40 in 4.3 could sustain his 40 time for the length of a 200M dash. That football player would have lost the race by a full 4 seconds. In track it's widely accepted that .2 seconds could represent a full body length. Again, I'll say it's incredible.
To be clear, I'm not saying he is juicing, I just want to know why no one is mentioning the possibilty.