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The Browns Are Back In Action

I was all set to sit and watch the first Brown’s game of the ’08 campaign, but instead I spent the evening in a Nyquil induced coma. With the Mummer at work for the evening, we were not able to cover much of the game. I did get to listen to the first series of both the Browns and Jets on my ride home from work. So here are some quick hits.

Derek Anderson appears to have improved in his decision making abilities. At one point he tucked the ball and ran for 9 yards instead forcing a pass into coverage. That same play last season would have resulted in an interception.
“3-yards and a cloud of dust.” Jamal Lewis and O-Line are ready to play some Big Ten football. Both seemed impressive in their one and only drive.
Defensively, as we all saw in the highlights, the second string secondary got torched. However, the first string seemed to get the job done in the first quarter with a pair of impressive stop on third and fourth down stops.