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What's in a Name?

Just when you thought Chad Johnson couldn't do anything more shocking, he goes and does this. Reports are coming out of Cincinnati that Chad Johnson has legally changed his name. My guess is he's decided to go with this nickname instead of his given name to screw with the NFL. I just can't help but feel Chad will end up on the losing end with "SHITHEAD" printed across the back of his jersey.

Chad changing his name to Chad Ocho Cinco might be the greatest thing I've heard in a while. It's like if Michael Vick embraced the herpes and changed his name to Ron Mexico. This whole thing got me to thinking, what if other NFL players were to follow suit.

How about Adam "Pacman" Jones hereby known as Adam "Rain Man" Jones. It works on two levels because he loves to make it rain in the clubs, and because he's a retard. How about the very obvious Kellen "IMA SOLDIA" Winslow II. Or in an attempt to keep his nickname in line with his level of play Carnell "Cadillac" Williams makes the adjustment to Carnell "76 Gremlin" Williams. It might not even stay contained to the young guys, Brett "401K" Favre. Okay I admit, that wasn't very good.

But Chad may be onto something. I see great things coming from this. Let's be honest, who are we to tell the guy he can or can't change his name? We changed our name.