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Cavs Improve Their Offense

The Cavs made huge deal this week bringing in Mo Williams from the Bucks. What I was impressed with in this trade was what the Cavs gave up to get him. Nothing. While I was more than happy with the role that Joe Smith played in the few months he was with the team, he is aging and expendable. The Cavs will also lose a streaky a streaky shooter in Damon Jones. I prefer not to think of it as losing a streaky shooter but gaining a NBA level talent. Let’s face it, Jones is D-league at best. You have all seen the stats, 17.2 and 6.3 a game. Even more importantly his assist to turnover ratio is roughly 3 to 1, an area that Delonte West struggled with. Speaking of West, that’s what I love about this trade. I am a Delonte West and believe he was a great addition to the team. However, with the addition of Williams, the Cavs now a have a quality two guard rotation. Not too mention, if West should decide to chase the money and head over seas, the Cavs have protected themselves.