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Those College Football Coaches Are Hilarious

Here are some random thoughts about this years coaches preseason joke.

And a joke it is. How can it be taken seriously when the coaches have put West Virginia at number 8 and Michigan at number 24. Let’s go ahead and get this out in the open, THE BIG EAST IS A JOKE. It might as well be called the MAC East. Let’s all be real serious for a minute, if you put Wisconsin, Illinois, Penn State or Michigan in the MAC East, is there any reason to think that either of those teams doesn’t pick up the easiest BCS Bowl bid available. Maybe WVU is that good. My problem is, we’ll never know. Same scenario with South Florida. Both schools have one tough game per schedule. USF hosts Kansas and WVU hosts Auburn. Let’s talk again after those games.

What I truly love about the preseason poll is that despite the fact that I’ll have to listen to Buckeye’s apologists bitch about it all year, the Buckeye’s are not number one. I believe the coaches got this one right. Until the Buckeye’s can beat a quality non-conference team on the road, the coaches are correct. I already know what you are going to say, “ But we went on the road and beat Texas last year. Congrats. But as we would later see, Texas wasn’t Texas last year. Let’s face it, OSU has gotten on the shitty schedule band wagon. The reason the SEC can get away with it is because during conference play, they are playing quality teams. For example, the crappiest team in the SEC last year was Mississippi. I still think Ole Miss could beat Minnesota, Northwestern and Purdue. The Big Ten is down ladies and gentlemen. Which means the Big Ten has to schedule some better non-conference foes. I am well aware that the Buckeye’s are headed to the Rose Bowl this year to play USC. But they are also mixing in perennial powers Youngstown St., Ohio U. and Troy. Michigan has it’s normal bout with a struggling Notre Dame. They will also mix in Toledo, Miami (OH) and Utah (who some are expecting good things out of this year). Let’s face it, not exactly Big Ten caliber opponents. Penn States schedule might actually be worse than both of them. They don’t have a real game on their schedule this year. They will square off against Coastal Carolina, Oregon State, Syracuse and Temple. Jesus! My point being, the power in college football still lies in the south. Yes it pisses me off. Football is meant to be played the Big Ten way. But until the Big Ten steps up and does something about it, they will continue to get blasted in big BCS games.

So let’s talk Wolverines. Rounding out the top 25 was Michigan at 24 and Fresno St. at 25. This must be a really down year for college football if Michigan found a way in to the top 25. I still think Michigan goes at least 6-6. I still think they beat OSU to close out the season (I promise you the Mummer and myself will do a nice spread for that game). But let’s face it, with a little luck and some elbow grease, next season they might be a top 25 team.