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Week 4 in Review (Sponsored by Palmer Bros. Heating and Cooling)

So, I was getting ready to write this great post about how all three of the Cincinnati Bengals QB's look like they were expelled from the same uterus. Here I come to find out, two of them actually were! How was this not a bigger story? And why in the name of holy fuck isn't their a Manning Bros. vs. Palmer Bros. Double-Stuffed Oreo's rivalry!? The Palmer Bros., which by the way sound more like a heating and cooling team, really missed the boat on that one. And could Fitzpatrick look any more like he just rolled out of bed after a night of being force-fed bong water by frat guys?

As for the game, and I'm using that term loosely, that was played on Sunday, I think Anderson may have finally, possibly, kind of turned the corner for us this season. It sucks that this comes before the bye week, but at this point I'll take anything. I fully believe that if Anderson didn't do something to help us win that game, we would be hearing that Brady Quinn is now the starter and will have two weeks to prepare for his first opponent. It would have been a perfect scenario, except for the fact that his first opponent would be the New York Giants. That's definitely not a team you want Quinn to get his feet wet with. But then again, is there a team remaining on our schedule that you would want him to start against? It's gonna get really ugly before this season is over.