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Week 7 NFL Predictions

The Little Mime of Hate is back this week (Read about his travels in the previous post) and we're ready to make you some money. Unfortunately, we aren't giving a commentary for our picks. No real reason except to say I'm extremely lazy.

San Diego at Buffalo (EVEN)
Mummer: San Diego
Little Mime of Hate: Bills

Minnesota at Chicago (CHI -1)
Mummer: Chicago
LMoH: Bears

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (PIT -8)
Mummer: Pittsburgh
LMoH: Bengals

Tennessee at Kansas City (TEN -8)
Mummer: Tennessee
LMoH: Titans

Dallas at St. Louis (DAL -6.5)
Mummer: Dallas
LMoH: Cowboys

Baltimore at Miami (MIA -3)
Mummer: Miami
LMoH: Ravens

San Francisco at New York Giants (NYG -6)
Mummer: New York Giants
LMoH: Giants

New Orleans at Carolina (EVEN)
Mummer: Carolina
LMoH: Saints

Detroit at Houston (HOU -5.5)
Mummer: Detroit
LMoH: Texans

New York Jets at Oakland (NYJ -4.5)
Mummer: New York
LMoH: Jets

Indianapolis at Green Bay (IND -1.5)
Mummer: Indianapolis
LMoH: Packers

Cleveland at Washington (WAS -2.5)
Mummer: Cleveland
LMoH: Browns
They finally got their big win. I can now start picking them again.

Seattle at Tampa Bay (TB -8.5)
Mummer: Tampa Bay
LMoH: Bucs

Denver at New England (DEN -3)
Mummer: Denver
LMoH: Patriots