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Week 6 NFL Predictions

The Little Mime of Hate is on vacation this week, so he's made his picks but will not be providing any commentary. Also, we won't be putting a up a prize for beating one or both of us this week. The reason is that I'm not sure what we would do if two people had the same win-loss total and beat both of us. We're not made of money here. Once we think of something though, the prize will be back on.
Either way, feel free to try your hand.

Baltimore at Indianapolis (IND -1)
Mummer: Indianapolis
Troy Smith and Anthony Gonzalez back on the same field! the same stadium.

Little Mime of Hate: Ravens

Detroit at Minnesota (MIN -11)
Mummer: Detroit
I feel I need to defend this Detroit pick. At some point, Detroit is gonna get theirs, and Minnesota has not played all four quarters in any game this year. I think Minny wins, but not by 11.

Little Mime of Hate: Lions

Oakland at New Orleans (NO -7)
Mummer: New Orleans
Reggie Bush was a man possessed last weekend. If he performs half as well against Oakland, he'll have a huge day.

Little Mime of Hate: Saints

Cincinnati at New York Jets (NYJ -6.5)
Mummer: New York Jets
In 2005 Carson Palmer signed a deal keeping him in Cincinnati until 2014. Hey Carson, what's your biggest regret in life?

Little Mime of Hate: Cincinnati

Chicago at Atlanta (CHI -4)
Mummer: Chicago
Michael Turner's game stats:

Week 1: 220 Yds - 2TD
Week 2: 42 Yds - 0TD
Week 3: 104 Yds - 3TD
Week 4: 56 Yds - 0TD
Week 5: 121 Yds - 1 TD

Hmmm...what does this mean for week 6?

Little Mime of Hate: Bears

Carolina at Tampa Bay (CAR -3.5)
Mummer: Carolina
"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" Let's go Panthers!

Little Mime of Hate: Bucs

St. Louis at Washington (WAS -13.5)
Mummer: St. Louis
If they win by 2 TD's, everyone better watch out.

Little Mime of Hate: Redskins

Miami at Houston (MIA -2)
Mummer: Miami
Miami is playing with the house's money right now.

Little Mime of Hate: Texans

Jacksonville at Denver (DEN -3.5)
Mummer: Jacksonville
Please let Mojo Drew have a big week, please!

Little Mime of Hate: Jaguars

Philadelphia at San Francisco (PHI -3.5)
Mummer: Philadelphia
There's always one game every week that is hard to find something to write about.

Little Mime of Hate: Eagles

Green Bay at Seattle (GNB -4)
Mummer: Green Bay
I take that back. This week, we have two.

Little Mime of Hate: Packers

Dallas at Arizona (DAL -4.5)
Mummer: Dallas
We're fixin to have a good ole fashion shoot out in the desert! Yee-haw!! Bang! Bang!

Little Mime of Hate: Cardinals

New England at San Diego (SD -2)
Mummer: San Diego
Because I hate Boston.

Little Mime of Hate: Patriots

New York Giants at Cleveland (NYG -7)
Mummer: Cleveland
Derek Anderson's QB Rating is 31st in the NFL. For those of you who don't understand what this means, let me put it this way. He's one spot ahead of Tyler Thigpen.

Little Mime of Hate: Giants