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You May Run Like Hayes, But You Hit Like S***

I’m not quite sure what to say about this slump that the Indians are in. I was hoping by this point all their struggles would be behind them and they would be challenging for the best record in baseball. At times they’ve looked as if they are turning the corner, but then they just smash their collective faces on the lamp post just around it.
The players all appear to be waiting for something big to happen. Some moment that everyone will rally behind that will make them start hitting. But if Asdrubal’s unassisted triple play, or last week’s triple steal can’t do it, what will? I think the answer is simple; Wedge needs to re-grow his porn-stache. Sure it makes him look like a dumb-ass who may-or-may not drive around in a scary white van, with no windows and a big bag of candy on the front seat. But the last guy who had a moustache as manager of the Cleveland Indians took his team to the ALCS.