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A Little Background

This is something that we should have done a while back, and I apologize to our reader (my mom…she’s so proud!) that we did not clarify exactly what we are about here. It pretty much all breaks down to this, I’m 100% pro-Buckeyes and love women, whereas the Little Mime of Hate is pro-Michigan and loves men. Ok, maybe that last part wasn’t true.
Anyways, here is a break down of where our allegiances lie.

Mummer: Browns
LMoH: Browns

Mummer: Indians
LMoH: Indians

Mummer: Cavaliers
LMoH: Cavaliers

NCAA Football
Mummer: Ohio State w/ a fondness for the Irish
LMoH: Michigan

NCAA Basketball
Mummer: North Carolina
LMoH: Duke

As you can see, there is much to hate LMoH for, but we are both fairly objective in our points and don’t try to cram them down your throat. I feel the need to point this out so that if you are a Buckeye fan and stumble across our blog and see LMoH spewing Michigan Blue everywhere, you will know that I'm going to throw out a rebuttal, and vice versa.
So enjoy, we'll try to be funny and innovative and hopefully you'll share your opinion.