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Reader Mail (comments)

In honor of our first "Blog Comment" I thought I would take a minute to thank Scott for taking the time to post a comment, Thanks Scott, and maybe crack back just a little bit. Not too much cracking back though, fortunately Scott has taught me my first lesson in blogging. Read the articles you link too. I sure hope he has more for me.

In response to my post on 17Jun titled "There's always next season (ugh, the season hasn't even started yet)" my boy Scott had this to say:

Scott said...
"This is why blogs have a bad rep. You haven't read an article you linked to? Also, why are you assuming UofM goes 6-6? Because Herbstreit predicted it I guess. He's never been wrong has he."

I am going to address this in the two parts you have it broken into. The article and the record. By the way, love the Herbie reference.

You are absolutely correct and I will now eat my words. Apparently the Women's Football Academy is a fundraiser for the Lloyd Carr Cancer Fund. Aren't I the A-hole. It's a good a cause and I applaud Uncle Rico for being a part of it. The truth of the matter is, I thought it was a funny headline and decided to roll with it. Lesson learned. Let's move on.

Despite my hatred of all things Buckeye, there two Ohio State football alumnus's I admire, Robert Smith and Kirk Herbstreit. Even Herbie will tell you he's been wrong. We all know he has. He made the initial report about Les Miles coming to UM. It's a part of being a professional, sometimes you get one wrong. Having said that, I take umbrage with the fact that you would think I am just recycling Herbie's thoughts. If I was quoting him, I would have made note of it. You apparently took the time to read the post, and I hope you read some of the others. My counterpart has put some really good stuff up considering we are just getting going. My point is, if you read more than one post you should have picked up on the fact that there is no shortage of opinions here. I said that Michigan would go 6-6 because I think they will go 6-6. Here's my game by game prediction.

8/30 Utah (Win)
9/06 Miami (OH) (Win)
9/13 @ Notre Dame (Loss) - Though I struggle with this one. If Clausen is the same QB he was last year, Michigan might be able to steal this one.
9/27 Wisconsin (Loss)
10/04 Illinois (Loss)
10/11 Toledo (Win)
10/18 @ Penn State (Loss)
10/25 Michigan State (Loss) – I like Dantonio better.
11/01 @ Purdue (Win)
11/08 @ Minnesota (Loss) – The Badgers always give Michigan Fits.
11/15 Northwestern (Win)
11/22 @ Ohio State (Win) – For two reasons. 1. First year coaches have a crazy way of winning big rivalry games. I think Uncle Rico finds a way to get it done despite inferior talent. 2. Even if deep down I thought the Buckeye's were going to win, I wouldn't dare say it out loud.

Man that was exhausting. I hope this kind of response to our reader comments doesn't dissuade our readers from posting comments in the future. If anything, I hope it encourages it. I also hope Scott makes his way back to the March and continues to let us know exactly how he feels. That's why The Mummer and I got this going. We love witty sports banter and encourage all three of our readers to contribute to our bad habit.