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There's always next season (ugh, the season hasn't even started yet)

As I read the College Football headlines two things jump out at me. One, there are a lot of criminals playing football. Seriously, what the hell is going on? But that’s a column for a different day. The second thing that jumps out at me is my beloved Wolverines. Michigan has been in the press this off-season almost as often as the Ocho. Michigan football doesn’t get press in the off-season unless they just inked another big-time recruit (which apparently won’t be happening for a while). Cue the almighty Rich Rodriguez. Is it just me or should Rico be nominated and run unopposed for president of the American D-bag Association? Need proof? Check out one of the two following articles:

Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez helped lead the 10th-annual Women's Football Academy on Saturday.

Lineman who left Michigan to play for Ohio State in 2009

Where do we begin? I guess we’ll go in order. Now I didn’t read the women’s football article, but what the hell is going on in Ann Arbor? This Rico’s first season at UM, perhaps she be teaching his new playbook. I guess what really chaps my ass is the fact the we are going to see that headline 6 more times this season. After weeks 3,4,5,7,8 and either 10 or 11. You’ll notice I didn’t include the finale. It’s going to be an abysmal year for the school up north. They may not even make a bowl game. Though I think they get to 6-6 and let their name carry them to the poinsettia bowl.

What kind of first class a-hole do you to be to drive a highly rated O lineman to your rival. And it’s not like he left Akron to go to Kent. This is THE rivalry. I am not sure which idiot I hate more, Boren or Rico.

I hope everyone that reads this understands how difficult it is to write this without swearing.


June 18, 2008 at 11:58 AM Scott said...

This is why blogs have a bad rep. You haven't read an article you linked to? Also, why are you assuming UofM goes 6-6? Because Herbstreit predicted it I guess. He's never been wrong has he.