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Week 17 NFL Predicitons

So Brady Quinn got punched in the eye. How random is that? The Browns QB’s aren’t even safe off the field. I for one can not wait until this season is over and done with. I’d really like to shift the focus of our blog from the Browns to the Cavs. The Cavs are good.

On to the picks.

Game of the Week
Miami at New York Jets (MIA -1)
Mummer: New York Jets
The Jets need to win this game. You can’t miss the playoffs by losing to a team that went 1-15 last year but is now 10-6 because your QB from a year ago is having his best year as a pro. I know the smart pick is the Dolphins because of the revenge factor and Brett Favre’s shoulder issues, but I just can’t pick against Favre somehow finding a way to win this one.

LMoH: Dolphins
Brett Farve is a dick. 

Irrelevant Game of the Week
Kansas City at Cincinnati (EVEN)
Mummer: Kansas City
If I asked you how many rushing yards Larry Johnson has, what would your answer be? 400? 500? How about 856? That’s right; he’s one big game away from being a 1,000 yard rusher. If this happens, can we all agree that 1,000 yards in a season is no longer the bench mark for a great running back?

LMoH: Chiefs
I agree. I think it is entirely overrated.  But that is only if Johnson reaches it this year.

Hometown Game of the Week
Cleveland at Pittsburgh (PIT -9.5)

Mummer: Pittsburgh
This game is gonna get fucking ugly, Fugly if you will. Do you know who Richard Bartel is? Do you know where Tarleton State is? If your answer put’s Richard Bartel as the heir to the “Bartles and Jaymes” fortune, and Tarleton Sate in the great state of Tarleton, you should be probably go play in traffic. Surprisingly, Richard Bartel is the Browns new second-string QB, and Tarleton State is in the great state of ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?! There weren’t any other QB’s available!?! How is Josh Cribbs not listed as QB1 and Gradkowski as QB2? Cribbs was more successful at the collegiate level than both of them combined. This is why Crennel needs to be fired.

LMoH: Steelers
What he said.

The Rest
St. Louis at Atlanta (ATL -10.5)

Mummer: St. Louis
LMoH: Rams

New England at Buffalo (NE -5.5)
Mummer: Buffalo
LMoH: Pats

Detroit at Green Bay (GNB -5.5)
Mummer: Green Bay
LMoH: Lions

Tennessee at Indianapolis (IND -1.5)
Mummer: Indianapolis
LMoH: Titans

New York Giants at Minnesota (NYG -1)
Mummer: Minnesota
LMoH: Giants

Carolina at New Orleans (CAR -1.5)
Mummer: Carolina
LMoH: Panthers

Oakland at Tampa Bay (TB -5)
Mummer: Tampa Bay
LMoH: Bucs

Chicago at Houston (CHI -4)
Mummer: Chicago
LMoH: Bears

Washington at San Francisco (EVEN)
Mummer: Washington
LMoH: Redskins

Jacksonville at Baltimore (BAL -6.5)
Mummer: Jacksonville
LMoH: Ravens

Dallas at Philadelphia (PHI -1.5)
Mummer: Dallas
LMoH: Cowboys

Seattle at Arizona (ARI -4.5)
Mummer: Arizona
LMoH: Seahwaks

Denver at San Diego (SD -7)
Mummer: San Diego
LMoH: Broncos