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I have a question... Why are you still here? Giggity!

Just a couple of quick notes before I head off to bed. One, the Browns suck. They suck bad. The kind of sucking that if you were really, really drunk and it was some nasty chick you brought home from the bar, you would either beg her to leave or pass out and hope she's gone when you wake up. Unfortunately, the Browns will still be here tomorrow when we all wake up. Rest easy Lions fans, you are the most disgusting team in the NFL in record only. Two, I have opened up a two game lead on the Mummer in the weekly predictions race with only two weeks to play (not including the postseason). I think for the next two weeks I am just going to pick every game exactly the same as the Mummer and guarantee myself the season victory. Three, goodnight everyone. It's time to go cry myself to sleep. 

Last second add-on
I was just getting ready to grab a box of tissues and head off to bed when I saw this... You perverts, read above, the tissues are for my weekly post Browns game weeping. You sick SOB's. Anyway, when I saw the highlight below. At least the Vikings were able to sack up tonight and save the day for the great city of Cleveland.