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Week 14 NFL Predictions

My apologies to the millions of readers who were disappointed to see we did not make our picks for the Thursday night game between San Diego and Oakland. The truth is I've been huffing crazy amounts of Elmer's glue and I thought it was Wednesday when in fact it was Thursday. Again, my apologies.

Game of the Week
Dallas at Pittsburgh (PIT -2)
Mummer: Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh's field is a mess and Marion Barber would have had a big day for Dallas. His loss is too much to overcome.

LMoH: Steelers
With or without Barber, the Steelers win this by a touchdown. 

Irrelevant Game of the Week
Miami at Buffalo (MIA -1.5)

Mummer: Miami
So, the Cavaliers are playing insane basketball right now. I'm not sure if it's the addition of Mo Williams or the fact that the rest of the team is having career years, but it's fantastic. Next to the Lakers, the Cavs may have the best bench in the NBA. They look like a team on a mission. And yes, I'm refusing to comment on this Miami "at" Buffalo atrocity that will be played Sunday.

LMoH: Bills
Kobe Bryant is an asshole.

Hometown Game of the Week
Cleveland at Tennessee (TEN -10.5)
Mummer: Cleveland
Is it crazy of me to think that Cleveland can keep it close, and possibly win, if Cribbs see's significant time behind center? I know he is a few years removed from being an every day QB but let's not forget, he wasn't terrible at Kent. Take a look at this story.

LMoH: Titans
By the way, BoDog has this at 14 and I still like the Titans. If the Lions and Browns were to play today, I would like the Lions by 2 TD's. 

The Rest
Jacksonville at Chicago (CHI -6.5)
Mummer: Chicago
LMoH: Bears

Minnesota at Detroit (MIN -8)
Mummer: Minnesota

Houston at Green Bay (GNB -7.5)
Mummer: Green Bay
LMoH: Texans

Cincinnati at Indianapolis (IND -11.5)
Mummer: Cincinnati
LMoH: Colts

Atlanta at New Orleans (NO -1.5)
Mummer: Atlanta
LMoH: Falcons

Philadelphia at New York Giants (NYG -8.5)
Mummer: Philadelphia
LMoH: Giants

Kansas City at Denver (DEN -8)
Mummer: Kansas City
LMoH: Broncos

New York Jets at San Francisco (NYJ -7.5)
Mummer: New York Jets
LMoH: Jets

New England at Seattle (NE -6.5)
Mummer: Seattle
LMoH: Patriots

St. Louis at Arizona (ARI -14)
Mummer: St. Louis
LMoH: Cardinals

Washington at Baltimore (BAL -7)
Mummer: Washington
LMoH: Ravens

Tampa Bay at Carolina (CAR -1)
Mummer: Tampa Bay
LMoH: Panthers