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Silenced Once Again

Well, the Indians lost again last night pushing their losing streak to 4 games and dropping them to third place in the AL Central. The story of the night was once again the Indians lack of hitting. At this point last year the Indians were in first place with a 27-15 record and had driven in 49 more runs than they have this year. It is now apparent that something needs to be done as far as the hitters are concerned. Nearly every article written about the Indians now is pointing to their deficiencies in the lineup. One report suggests firing Derk Shelton, which isn’t necessarily a bad idea. When you look at the statistics, the Indians are one of the worst offensive teams in baseball. We know what this team is capable of, and they just aren’t doing it.

Tonight the Indians will look to put a halt to this slide with Paul Byrd taking the mound. I’m really hoping that the White Sox hitters will be thrown off by his retarded pelican wind up. Can someone please talk to him about that? He’s embarrassing himself. But hey, if it gets the job done more power to him. The Indians can’t let too much distance get between themselves and first place while they're struggling to score runs.