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Browns Notes

Kellen Winslow Hold Out?

You’re right Drew, the practices aren’t mandatory but his TEAMMATES will be there. He’s going to miss out on building relationships with the rookies and strengthening relationships with the veterans. I don’t necessarily think he is in jeopardy of losing his starting job, but now the Browns have a legitimate second option if he decides to pull any more of his…what’s the word…uh…hey Farva, what's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks? You mean shenanigans? Yea that’s right. If he pulls any more of his shenanigans Romeo Crennel is definitely going to pistol whip him. Or he might just start Martin Rucker for a few games to eat up Kellen’s TD’s and yardage.
Rucker is essentially just a taller version of Winslow, standing 6’6” to Kellen’s 6’4”. He’s not a blocking tight-end, which would have been nice but with the Browns offense looking to be pass-heavy he should fit right in.

Ryan Tucker Injury
Ryan Tucker fractured his hip this past Wednesday. He immediately underwent surgery and will be out at least two months. The Browns expect him to be ready for the opener against Dallas.

Dixon Arrested
Former Cleveland Brown Hanford Dixon was arrested early Monday morning for allegedly driving under the influence. According to the report, he was asked to recite the alphabet and couldn't. That's right, he couldnt' recite the alphabet. They didn’t ask him to say it backwards or skip every other letter. Just recite the alphabet, and he couldn’t do it…wow.

Cleveland Browns Media Darlings?
I’ve been reading all over the internet that the Cleveland Browns are now Media Darlings. This because of their jaw-dropping 5 national television appearances they will make this year, with three coming on MNF. As a Browns fan, I’m not used to this and frankly, it has me a little worried. Anything less than a deep run in the playoffs this year will be viewed as a disappointment. In just this past off-season they’ve upgraded the wide receiving core, added a legitimate back-up at tight end, and bolstered the defensive line. It looks like the big question marks this year will be the secondary, linebackers, and Jamal Lewis at running back. Andra Davis and Willie McGinest aren’t getting any younger, but the young guys showed last year that they may be on the verge of something great. As far as Jamal Lewis goes, he surprised the hell out of me last year. I really thought he had too many miles on him to be effective but he showed with that punishing running style that he still has what it takes. But, should he go down for any extended amount of time this year, the Browns will have a hard time finding someone to replace him.