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Kobe is an A-Hole

Kobe Bryant makes me want to have an oral bowl movement. I guess I should be fair, it's not Kobe's fault. It's the fault of the press. Let's forget that he's a rapist. Yes, I believe he raped her. Twice in fact. Once in the hotel room and once when he paid her off. But I digress. As this NBA season was getting rolling, Kobe was once again the most hated individual in the league. Why? He basically said his entire team wasn't fit to play in the Horizon League, let alone the NBA. He demanded a trade. He then followed up with his single best performance of the year, an attention whore like 180 only days later. People, the guy is a top notch A-hole. An A-hole of Barry Bonds like proportion. When it was announced that he won the MVP, everyone went battered woman on us. "The MVP couldn't possible be an A-hole!" For the last 3 weeks i have had to listen to Mike and Mike (whom I rather enjoy), Collin Cowherd, Shemon and others talk about what a great guy Kobe is. He is so much more mature now than he was at the beginning of the season. Pardon Me? It's been what 9 months tops? He is more mature? Next you’re going to tell me Hitler was just misunderstood. Maybe I am wrong. In fact, in an effort to show mature he is, he whored his kids out to press during a press conference. That is one of my personal favorite moves by an athlete by the way. "Oh he is so down to earth". If that's how you want to look at it, so be it. I on the other hand am going to call a spade a spade.