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An Appropriate Start?

If you're Danny Ferry, how are you not swallowing a shotgun tonight? Most of us in Cleveland thought the trade for Wally, Delonte, Wallace and throw in Joe Smith was a good trade for the most part. From what I saw of this series Joe Smith was the only consistent one of the bunch. And that is only because we didn’t expect much out of him. To reinforce my counterpart, Wallace can't rebound and Delonte went turn over happy. Wally was sharp shooter like in spurts at best. While I think Delonte is going to contribute in huge ways in the future (possibly as soon as next season), I'm tired of waiting for a title. The trouble is, where do the Cav’s go next? They are not going to bring in another a superstar a la the Lakers (Gasol) and Celtics (Garnett and Allen) to compliment Lebron. So where do they go in the draft this season?

On another note, why no Eric Snow sightings lately. At $6 mil a year, they should at least let him be the guy that drapes the towel over Lebron's shoulders during a time out. Or better yet, he could be Lebron's designated finger nail chewer. Yeah, I like that. Now during TO's you would see Snow chewing on Lebron's fingers. That's sexy.