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Wait. What? Go To Retail Store? Go to hell!

Here is one of the few non sports related posts I will share with you. I watched my father by a 37" Sharp Aquos at HHGregg last night. It made me insanely jealous. Jealous to the point that I  began to wonder if I might get in the event "something should happen to him." Just kidding Pops. Kind of. So I spent much of this morning cruising the net looking for the gem that would become my new television once I get my income tax refund. Liking the prices I saw at HHGregg last night, I decided to roll over to their website where I was greeted with this bullshit.
Note the price of said television. "See retail store for price". Aren't they completely missing the point of the Internet. What kind of horse shit is this? It's 10 degrees out and has been snowing non-stop for a week. See retail store for price? Fuck you! I'll go to where i can make the purchase online and then pick it up at the store conveniently located at the end of my street.