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A Little Cavs Talk

It's about time we do a little more than just mention in passing that the Cavs are having a stellar season thus far. This kind of play warrants an entire post dedicated to them. As of tonight they have the third best record in the NBA bested only by the Celtics and Lakers who have the same number of losses, being five.

Steve Jones of wrote a great article about the Cavaliers and their chances of winning a title this year. Definitely worth the read if not only for the fact that he mentions how playing with Kobe Bryant in Beijing was a positive experience for LeBron.

Also worth mentioning about the Cavs this season is their ridiculous home record of 16-0. To think that since the 2005-06 season they are 104-35 at home is unbelievable. That's a .748 winning percentage which virtually guarantees that if you attend home games in a sporadic fashion you're gonna see a Cavs victory. Not bad at all considering the Browns home winning percentage is a disgusting .438. Way to go Brownies!