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Mid-Week Musings (From Inside the Invisible Box)

Michigan Sucks
This past week Kevin Grady, Michigan Wolverines running back, was arrested for drunk driving while home in Wyoming. I have nothing funny to say about this. I'm just making it a point to post all of these situations that Michigan fan used to throw in our (Ohio State fan) faces.

I Just Found Out He Retired
Brett Favre has reportedly contacted the Green Bay Packers about a return to the team this year. He's just f---ing with Rodgers at this point right?

The Battle for I-71
The Cleveland Gladiators defeated the Columbus Destroyers in last week's AFL wild card game to continue their waste of Quicken Loans Arena electricity.

Lebron Sweepstakes 2010
If you've been reading the papers lately, I'm sure you saw the comment Lebron James made about going to the Nets in 2010. Because you actually read the comment, you know it was a non-issue. He shed about as much light on that topic as Bill Belichick does on injury status'.
I found a great article this past week that breaks down some very solid points as to why Lebron may stay in Cleveland.
Unfortunately, I don't have the link. But the Little Mime of Hate does, and when he gets his life together and sends it back to me, I'll post the link.