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...and Shave that Dumbass Beard!

Some interesting news out of the Indians clubhouse has Casey Blake headed to the Los Angeles Dodgers for two minor leaguers. I don’t think anyone is shocked by this move. The Indians made it no secret that Blake was available, and this is the time of year teams look to add a hitter.
I was never a huge fan of Blake’s. The guys always found a way to shrink in a big moment. Look at his average with runners in scoring position last year. We were in a playoff race and he was terrible. Now this year, a year where we aren’t going anywhere and the pressure is null, he’s posting career numbers.
I don’t know much about the minor leaguers other than what has been reported. It looks like the guy in single-A looks could develop into a good hitter with time. As for the reliever, he appears to be having a down year compared to last. The Indians are apparently stocking up on relievers in trades and acquisitions in the hopes someone will pan out for next year.
Overall, not a bad day for us. We were able to rid ourselves of a below average player making above average money.