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CC Trade Breakdown

Yeah, I know it's a little late to talk about the Sabathia trade. All the good blogs had expert analysis up the day it happened and have since stopped talking about it. Well you know what? I don't care. That's why they're better than us. I was a little depressed over the Indians inability to win a f---ing game! But they've won two straight, so everything is right in the world.
Let's take a look at this trade.

What We Lost
Carsten Charles Sabathia
Sabathia is a starting pitcher with a 6-8 record and a 3.83 ERA, which oddly enough is a shade under his playing weight. There is really no reason to talk about Sabathia since we all know what he brought to the table. I just needed to work some humor into this post and that fat joke was the best I could do. To quote Will Smith from his new movie "You expect better from me, I will be better". (Good movie by the way…that Will Smith is gonna be huge some day.)

What We Gained
Matt LaPorta
As we discussed in a previous blog topic, LaPorta is a 23-year old powerhitting outfielder. The Indians have moved him over to left field in the hopes we can finally get an everyday starter out there.

Rob Bryson
He's a 20-year old right hander who's bread and butter are his fastball and slider. This year and last he picked up a couple saves, as well as got the start in a couple. It appears the Indians will use him primarily as a reliever and possibly try him out a few times in the closers role.

Zach Johnson
A right-handed hitter capable of hitting the ball well over 300 yards. Largest accomplishment to date was winning the 2007 Masters Tournament. He should be a fantastic addition to the team. My only concern is that the Indians plan on using him out of the bullpen.

Player to be Named Later
The candidates have not been revealed but it's believed to be between third baseman Taylor Green, and outfielder Lorenzo Cain.

So there you have it. We received three solid prospects for CC with a fourth on the way. I think Shapiro did a great job robbing the Brewers blind. In the end, the Brewers are going to end up hating this deal. Especially when CC bolts for more money after they miss the playoffs...better them than us.